ThinkNiti is an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization that aims to redefine the way in which laws and policies are drafted in India.

There often exists a lacuna in the way in which policies are framed and the objectives they seek to achieve. This problem is grave because most public policies in countries like India are aimed towards social causes like poverty alleviation, education, basic healthcare, social justice and empowerment of weaker sections of the society. Failure to frame such policies and laws effectively leads to wastage of time, money as well as resources. Therefore, ThinkNiti seeks to bridge this gap by providing research and drafting support at various stages of law-making. In addition, we seek to conduct and disseminate independent research in areas of legal reform that is crucial to India’s future.

ThinkNiti believes in bringing about social change through public policy. We look at existing laws in the wider social context through grass root interaction with communities that would enable an effective implementation.  And we believe that to turn policy into practice, it’s vital to engage in meaningful association with policy and opinion leaders through pilot projects, advocacy and in-depth empirical research.

We at ThinkNiti aim to help policy makers and legislators in ensuring that they touch the lives of the people they intend to reach. This is only possible with effective formulation and execution of stronger policies and laws. This is where members of ThinkNiti use their expertise and skills to attain intended results.

Our Mission

We, at ThinkNiti, are driven by a desire to develop and promote efficient and robust policies which address the problems plaguing our nation. Secondly, we are committed to employing innovative processes and technologies to establish social justice and transformation. Thirdly, we aim to devise and advance such policy advocacy strategies that are based on core constitutional and human values

Our Team

Our highly talented, dynamic and dedicated team works with full commitment towards our fulfilling our mission.

Meet the visionaries

Nishant Bhaskar

 Nishant is the co-founder and Executive Director at ThinkNiti. He is one of the Core Team Members of WHO Legal Development Programme on Road safety.  Nishant is passionate about strengthening road safety and actively promotes for better laws and implementation of Global best practices in India.

Vishwam Jindal

 Vishwam is the co-founder and Director at ThinkNiti. He is an advocate of the Supreme Court of India and the Punjab & Haryana High Court. He is one of the Core Team Members of WHO Legal Development Programme on Road safety. Vishwam is dedicated to promoting road and motor vehicle safety and advocates for implementation of global best practices and stronger laws in India.

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